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2015-2016 NW District FFA Calendar


June   2                      Summer Ag Teacher Meeting                         Norton                        12:00 pm

June 29- July 1        SCCL                                                                     Rock Springs

July 26-29                 KAAE Summer Conference                            Overland Park         

Aug     8-9                  District Officer Conference                              Rock Springs

Sept    11-20              Kansas State Fair                                               Hutchinson

Sept    16                    District Land Judging (Mrs. Molzahn)              Thunder Ridge         9:30 am

Sept    19                    District Dodgeball (Ms. Belton)                          Palco                          10:00 am

Sept    23                    Area Land Judging (Mr. Long)                          Natoma                     9:30 am

Sept    30                    State FFA Roster due on ACN

Oct      12                    Greenhand Conf./Fall Mtg.                              Stockton                    9:00 am

Oct      15                    POA & Dues to State Office

Oct 28-31                   National Convention                                           Louisville, KY

Oct    21                      Dairy Cattle (Mrs. Krafft and Mr. Keltz)             Bird City                     9:00 am

Oct    21                      Dairy Foods (Mr. Long)                                        Hays                           12:30 pm

                                    Food Science (Mr. Strnad)

Oct    23                      GOBLIN’S GLORY                                                                                 6:00pm

Nov     12                    Ag Sales (Mr. Beydler), Job I-view (Ms. Krafft)   Norton                        3:00 pm

Dec     1                      Vet Science (Mr. Austin)                                           Hoxie                          2:00 pm

                                    Leadership School (Ms. Wilkerson)

Jan     15-17                Denver Stock Show                                                Denver

Jan     28-30              Ag Ed Symposium                                                    Hays

Jan     29                    District Officer Applications Due                            3:30 pm

Feb     6                      KSU Ag Ed Speech Contest                                    Manhattan

Feb     14                    Meats Contest (Mr. Vajnar)                                       Grinnell                      9:00 am

Feb     18                    Selection Day (Mr. Long)                                           Natoma                      2:00 pm

                                    Speech (Ms. Belton)

Feb     20-27              National FFA Week

Feb     24                    Ag Mechanics/Spring Meeting                               Goodland                  8:00 am MT

Mar     8                      Poultry (Mr. Vajnar)                                                   Hays                           4:00 pm

                                    Entomology (Mr. Austin)

Mar   18-19                Leader Lab                                                              Junction City

Mar     22                    Livestock Contest (Mr. Brandt)                                    S.C.                           9:00 am

Apr    2                        Livestock Contest                                                    Pburg                            9:00 am

Mar     30                    National Chapter App Due                                    Manhattan

April    13                    Agronomy (Mrs. Molzahn)                                       Colby                             8:30 am

                                       Horticulture (Mrs. Mauck and Mr. Long)

Apr      13                    District Horse (Mr. Beydler & Ms. Wilkerson)            Colby                          12:00 pm

April    20                    State CDE Regis. Deadline

April    20                    District Livestock Contest                                       Oakley                        9:00 am

April   21                    Northwest District Banquet                                     Stockton                      4:00 pm

April 30- May 3        State FFA Contest                                                      Manhattan

May     6                      State Convention Registration due         

May     20                    SCCL Registration Due

May     20                    Annual Report Due

May    31-June 3      State Convention                                                         Manhattan

June   14-19              WLC - Kansas Group